What is the Cost of Lifting a Truck in Ohio?

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If you’re considering lifting your truck, then one of the questions that may first cross your mind may be “is lifting a truck affordable” or “how to lift a truck”? When Lima and Toledo truck enthusiasts start doing their research, they’ll find a lot of variation, but Exceptional Motorcar is here to give you a ballpark range on the cost to lift a truck that you can work with.



Is Lifting a Truck Affordable: The Cost of Lift Kits

What is the cost of lifting a truck in Ohio? That depends on the lift kit you go with. Leveling kits and body kits range from $100-$500, and are the most affordable option. These lift kits are mostly for show. If you are truly wanting to enhance your truck’s performance and off-road capability, you’ll need a suspension lift kit, which will cost you between $1,000 and $5,000.

Is Lifting a Truck Affordable: Cost of Installation

People that know how to lift a truck, will know that it takes between 7 and 15 hours to install your kit, depending upon how extensive your setup is, and of course, Van Wert drivers will save a lot if they can install it themselves. For 99% of truck drivers, we recommend that you leave this job to the mechanics at Exceptional Motorcar. We can’t give you an accurate estimate out of the air, but if you bring in your truck, we’ll give you a quote before we do any work.

Choose Your Setup: Lift Kits vs. Leveling Kits

Drivers considering the cost to lift a truck in Ohio may have heard a little bit about the options they’ll have along the way! One of the most important of these choices involves choosing between lift kits vs. leveling kits. Here’s what you should know before making a decision:

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits are designed to even out differences in your truck suspension, but since you can use these kits to increase the height of your truck by one to two inches, they’re often used as lift kits by drivers who only need a small boost. They’re best deployed when heavy accessories, like winches, weigh down one end of your truck.

Lift Kits

Proper lift kits can be divided into two categories: smaller versions that raise the truck by two to five inches, and larger versions, which raise the truck by six inches or more. In general, lift kits allow for much more extensive changes to your vehicle’s exterior and capabilities. However, since they can also be significantly more expensive than leveling kits, the latter might be preferred by drivers who are more interested in appearance than performance.

How to Lift a Truck: Body Lifts vs. Suspension Lifts

Drivers who’ve settled on a lift kit will also have to choose between the body lift and the suspension lift. The first raises the body of your vehicle, so you have room for larger tires without altering the basic structure of your truck. Suspension lifts, on the other hand, are usually larger and more extreme, with most involving significant changes to your vehicle’s original equipment. For changes of this magnitude, we recommend genuine OEM parts to help preserve the integrity of your vehicle.

Check Out Lift Kits and Truck Accessories with Exceptional Motorcar!

Exceptional Motorcar is your source for genuine OEM lift kits for your Toledo and Findlay vehicles. If you’re ready to change your drives around Defiance, get in touch with our experts at Exceptional Motorcar to find the best kit for you. We can go over all your options, compare the exact costs of installing various lift kits, and deliver professional installation you can be proud of.


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