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Used SUVs Provide Value to New Owners in Defiance, OH

Your family is growing, and you need a vehicle to accommodate more babies. You enjoy going on road trips and need more room for friends around Napoleon, OH. Weekend getaways are your thing, and you would like to be able to invite more people to tag along. All of these are viable reasons for purchasing an SUV, but at what cost are you willing to do so?

Brand new SUVs can set buyers in Bryan, OH, back thousands of dollars. These vehicles are very popular in the market right now and innovation never ceases in SUV design and development. While the price associated with these elements is substantiated, it is a steep cost to pay for a brand new SUV that depreciates quickly. As a result, used SUVs can be a great option to fulfill consumer needs and to do so in an economical manner. That's why we're proud to offer a wide selection of used SUVs in our used inventory.

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Purchasing a used vehicle can have its pitfalls, but if done properly these dangers can be avoided or eliminated. We have all heard the horror stories of someone buying a used vehicle only to have recurring, expensive issues with their new purchase. Buying a used SUV from a reputable dealership like Exceptional Motorcar near Archbold, OH, is a great solution for this potential problem. Sticking with our honest dealership that displays expertise in vehicle maintenance and care and stands by our products is key. Our team at Exceptional Motorcar even focuses on the history of a vehicle to ensure the same issues for previous owners don't become yours.

We are proud to offer models from several reliable automakers with a history of manufacturing durable vehicles. Doing your own research beforehand, speaking to mechanics about issues they frequently see and asking a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team in Defiance, OH, about their experiences can help with this. Modern technology allows buyers to review vehicle issues and speak with like-minded owners from anywhere in the world easily. Some of the most reputable SUVs that consumers frequently invest in at our dealership include those manufactured by Jeep, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Dodge.

Popular Used SUVs

While each consumer in the Hicksville, OH area has their own preferences for SUV features and size that will meet their specific needs, there are a few brands that consumers return to time, and time again.


Initially developed as a military-grade vehicle, Jeep products are widely-known for their innate strength and durability. Many of the vehicles that Jeep produces fall into the SUV class and we're proud to have a wide selection to offer, including used Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Cherokee, Compass and Renegade. Jeep vehicles are perfect for every off-road adventure around Paulding, OH.


A long-standing, American brand, Ford has options for buyers with a wide array of requests. Yet, one of their most popular sellers, aside from pickup trucks, is their lineup of SUV products. While some buyers are looking for smaller crossovers, like the EcoSport, Escape, Flex or Edge, others are in search of a full-size SUV option, such as the Explorer or Expedition.


A focus on trucks has always been a niche market for GMC. Due to their likeness to current products, SUVs fit into this lineup well. GMC offers SUVs of all sizes, including the Acadia, Terrain, Yukon and Yukon XL for drivers around Ottawa, OH to enjoy.


Yet another reliable American auto maker, the Chevrolet brand is associated with its history of durability nationwide. Cars, trucks and SUVs make up Chevy's lineup, with a new focus on SUVs that shines. Chevrolet SUV options include the Blazer, Trax, Traverse, Equinox, Trailblazer Suburban and Tahoe. SUV options are limitless for Chevrolet enthusiasts.


Perhaps exhibiting one of the smallest SUV lineups but certainly not the weakest, Dodge focuses on just two SUV options. The Durango and the Journey are both affordable and versatile for economical families who need extra space at a thrifty cost. Each of these SUVs offers powerful engine options.

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Getting a loan for a used SUV may be easier than you might think. We are proud of our No Credit, No Problem program at our on-site finance center. We make it easy to drive home in the used SUV of our dreams from our dealership in Defiance, OH. We look forward to working with you soon!