Find Extremely Affordable Vehicles In Defiance, OH

Here at Exceptional Motorcar, we are proud to offer our drivers a wide range of used vehicles to look through and purchase. These vehicles are reliable, versatile on the road, and – most importantly – affordable.

If you are on a really tight budget, though, you may be interested in our selection of vehicles that are priced under $5,000.

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What to Do if Your Car Overheats

As the summer heats up so too can your car. Overheating can cause substantial damage to your vehicle if you don't pay attention, or know how to fix the problem. Say you're driving up to Napoleon on Highway 24 and the internal temperature gauge starts to veer towards "hot." This can cause alarm and knowing how to proceed can be the difference between a hefty repair bill or a quick fix. That's why you shouldn't worry: there are several simple ways to attempt to fix an overheated engine that do not require scheduling an appointment with…

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Tips to Ponder Before You Buy those New Tires

Tires are an important investment. You rely on them to safely get you where you need to be, and grip the road firmly. We all do what we can to ensure they last as long as possible, but there will come a point where the tire tread wears down and you'll need to replace them. A wide range of factors can contribute to the problem of wear and tear, including braking and suspension, alignment, temperature, and even how much you carry in your car. Fortunately, this problem is easy enough to remedy when you set out to purchase a…

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