Many benefits come with driving a truck, but while you're traveling around the area of Napoleon, OH, have you ever wished your truck had better ground clearance? If that's the only characteristic standing in the way of you and a truly fearless off-roading experience, you're an ideal candidate for a lifted truck. At Exceptional Motorcar, serving Ottawa, OH, we have a lifted truck selection for local Defiance drivers who want a higher view of the road. Do you think a truck with a lift could benefit you?

If you're hearing about the existence of lifted trucks for the first time, you may have some questions. At Exceptional Motorcar, serving Paulding, OH, our professionals have two areas of focus - trucks and finding you the right one. To get you on the correct path toward the lifted truck that will suit your needs, we want to take time to cover three common questions we've received about our lifted truck selection near Bryan, OH.

  • What gives a truck that lifted look? Creating the look behind a lifted truck involves physically elevating the truck's suspension and adding in bigger tires. Most lifted trucks include a lift of about six inches with tire sizes exceeding 20 inches.
  • What are the perks of a lifted truck? Having a lifted Ford truck is advantageous when you're navigating off-road terrain and protecting your vehicle's undercarriage components in the process. Plus, it adds a cool look to your truck.
  • How do I find a lifted truck near me? You're already halfway there. Exceptional Motorcar sells lifted trucks that you can digitally browse near Hicksville, OH or while you're onsite with our team. You can also submit your truck's credit application online.

If you like the idea of financing a truck with a bold, new look and a better handle on off-roading challenges, you'll benefit from purchasing a lifted truck from Exceptional Motorcar - 30 minutes south of Archbold, OH. Your local truck dealer professionals are excited to discuss the perks of lifted truck ownership when you clear time on your schedule and join us at our Defiance facility to see our lifted Ford trucks. Swing by and leave with a better view of Ohio roads today.