What to Do if Your Car Overheats

As the summer heats up so too can your car. Overheating can cause substantial damage to your vehicle if you don't pay attention, or know how to fix the problem. Say you're driving up to Napoleon on Highway 24 and the internal temperature gauge starts to veer towards "hot." This can cause alarm and knowing how to proceed can be the difference between a hefty repair bill or a quick fix. That's why you shouldn't worry: there are several simple ways to attempt to fix an overheated engine that do not require scheduling an appointment with a mechanic that any car owner should know.

If your car overheats, the primary focus is to cool down the engine before it leads to lasting damages. Sometimes the problem will require an auto mechanic, but occasionally overheating can be fixed with a few easy actions. Measures include:

  • Turning off the A/C, which puts a strain on your engine.
  • Rev the engine after putting your car in park or neutral. The increased circulation of air and water pumping through the radiator will cool down your engine.
  • Opening the hood will release hot air and let cooler air circulate throughout the engine. Be careful as pent up hot steam can release quickly.
  • If you have the time, let your engine rest for about an hour if the problem seems particularly severe.

    If these simple cool down tricks do not work, or the issue increases frequently, then there is a good chance you have a problem with the cooling system of your car, and you should seek out help from an automotive repair expert. For more quick pointers, or if interested in our affordable selection of used vehicles please visit our blog, or visit us at Exceptional Motorcar in nearby Defiance where we'd be happy to help you today.

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